Comparison of raw DNA testing data including 23andMe, Ancestry DNA, My Heritage, Family Tree DNA, Ancestry DNA, Genes For Good

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Would you like to explore your DNA? Most direct-to-consumer DNA testing companies will allow you to download your raw DNA data, you own your DNA data, and you can complete a number of different DNA analysis from the comport and privacy of your home. The table below outlines the number of DNA markers provided by some of the notable DNA testing companies including 23andMe, Ancestry DNA, Family Tree DNA, GPS Origins, My Heritage and Genes For Good.

#SNPs Tested DNA Transfer #X Chromosome SNPs #Y Chromosome SNPs #Mitochondrial Allele
23andMe V5 638,473 Yes 16,530 3,733 4,305
23andMe V4 601,897 Yes 19,478 2,302 5,083
DNA Romance 698,613 Yes 17,414 2 -
Ancestry DNA 650,410 Yes 27,473 2,229 164
Family Tree DNA 720,350 Yes 17,908 - -
GPS Origins 78,179 No 542 1,379 649
DecodeMe 1,013,350 Yes 36,589 858 162
My Heritage 720,816 Yes 17,892 482 -
Genes For Good
imputed and Phased
7,757,962 Yes 182,885 - -

Since few DNA testing company offer exactly the same DNA test, making a comparison between tests can be confusing. The tabel above summarises the number of DNA markets reported by different direst-to-consumer DNA testing companies. The DNA test from GPS Origins targets the lowest number of SNP markers, and consequently this data has the most limited utility of all direct-to-consumer DNA testing kits available on the market. While raw DNA data can be downloaded from GPS origins, few other websites have built in compatibility to transfer and analyze this raw DNA data. DNA testing data from 23andMe, Ancestry DNA, Family Tree DNA and My Heritage are the most widely accepted for 3rd party raw DNA analysis. Aside from the number of SNP markers tested, other considerations when ordering a direct-to-consumer DNA testing kit include if the test targets DNA markers (SNPs and InDels) positioned on the "Y Chromosome" and "Mitochondria".

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