3 Interesting Ways Our DNA Affects Our Relationships

It turns out, our inner chemistry has a lot to do with the way we interact with others.

Dr. Timothy Sexton

You probably know that a lot of our physical traits are determined by our DNA. What you probably don't know is that our DNA may also be responsible for how we interact with other people. Here are 3 interesting ways that our DNA affects how we interact with other people:

1. Our DNA Determines Why We Kiss

Our sense of smell detects molecular cues carrying information about genetic relationship and individuality. If we like the smell of someone’s scent then our biological instincts are activated, resulting in changes in our mood and social behavior. During courtship the act of kissing allows us to get close enough to smell each other's natural body scent (Wlodarski and Dunbar., 2015).

2. Our DNA Determines Who Our Friends Are

A study testing more than one million DNA data points in a population of 1,367 friendship pairs and 1,196,429 stranger pairs found that friendships were more likely to be between people most different at a few gene sets encoding the olfactory and immune system functions (Christakis and Fowler., 2014).

3. Our DNA Determines Why We Cheat

This one is KIND OF cheating; papers we found on this topic studied Madagascan Lemurs. Several studies have shown that lemurs use their noses smell out partners with the most diverse immune genes. A study into the genetic benefits of pair bonds of dwarf lemurs, showed that pair bonds most often formed when the female and male had very different MHC class genes. Interestingly the females engaged in extra-pair mating if they had similar MHC genes with their partners, and unfaithful females mated with extra pair males that had more different MHC genes (Schwensow et al., 2008; DOI 10.1007/s10682-007-9186-4)


So there you have it, DNA determines a lot more than what you initially think. Our DNA has a surprising effect on our interpersonal lives. This is a big reason why we created DNA Romance. Using similar science to the facts that we cited in this article, we match singles with others whose DNA are most likely to jive with theirs. If this sounds interesting to you, sign up now at dnaromance.com! Best of all, it's FREE, for a limited time.