Frequently Asked Questions

No, we are not medical doctors and do not reveal any medical information to you on our matchmaking platform.

Our DNA romance score reflects your potential for sexual chemistry with another person but, this is not everything in a relationship. While we do our best to provide additional matchmaking criteria, people are all individuals and like any dating service we short list people for face to face dates, our customers then meet for a first date and mutually see if there is a meaningful connection.

The enveloped are open in the lab by a technician wearing gloves. We acknowledge there is a possibility that we could obtained a mixed DNA profile if your sample is strongly contaminated by someone else touching your sample or collection device, our laboratory quality control procedures will identify “a mixed sample” and we will request you submit a new sample.

No your DNA sequence won’t change but the sample could degrade and we check for this as part of our QC process at the laboratory. If samples are degraded the lab would ask you to send new samples. It’s an inconvenience because you have to wait longer to get your results due to the requirement to recollect, but this won’t affect actual results.

This is fascinating, each of us are individuals and we each have a unique combination of several hundred genes corresponding to our immune responses which protect us from some diseases and not others, everyone is different and no one is the same (*except for monozygotic twins). No one person is resistant to every disease known to man.

Our sense of smell (olfactory system) is so highly evolved that we will find someone’s’ smell to be pleasant if they are resistant diseases that we aren’t. Our sense of smell and brains are wired to detect potential partners who are resistant to different diseases. This is important because when one person is sick the other might be healthy, in addition children will inherit a more diverse set of genes from their parents (protecting them from form more diseases than either parent alone).

The relationship between immune system genes and attraction (mate-pairing) is not exclusive to humans, it has been reported for many vertebrates including fish, birds, primates. Please refer to our reference list for dozens of research papers describing this phenomenon.

DNA Romance will own the research and analysis of the results. You will remain the owner of the samples you provide. Your samples will be stored with DNA Romance so that updates can be applied to your profile, the samples can be destroyed at your direction by emailing [email protected]. We do not guarantee long term storage of your samples, nor can they be retrieved from us in the future. We don’t claim to provide diagnostic DNA testing for health conditions, and do not provide information to your insurance company.

Olfactory is another word for your sense of smell, and what's interesting is that you can actually smell other people's scent profiles (immune system). If their natural body odour smells good then you will be attracted to that person for a relationship or friendship. If they smell awful then there is probably no sexual “chemistry” between you two.

Yes, evidence from several studies show that the same rules of attraction also apply for people in the LGBT community.

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