Nine Ways DNA Influences Our Relationships

It turns out romantic chemistry has a lot to do with our DNA.

Dr. Timothy Sexton

You probably know that a lot of our physical traits are determined by our DNA, but did you know that DNA can influence our relationships with other people. Here are nine ways our DNA affects the way we interact with other people:

1. Is "Love In the Air"? Sending and receiving signals from scent

Casanova noted in his memoirs that "I have always found that the one I was in love with smelled good, and the more copious her sweat the sweeter I found it." Scent is a natural signal. Are you turned off by bad body odour? This is your natural warning for genetic incompatibility!

Love In the Air

2. Humans Invented Kissing To Test For Genetic Compatibility

Our sense of smell detects molecular cues carrying information about genetic relationship and individuality. If we like the smell of someone then our biological instincts are activated, resulting in changes in our mood and social behaviour. During courtship the act of kissing allows us to get close enough to smell each other's natural body scent (Wlodarski and Dunbar., 2015).

Why Kissing Was Invented?

3. Our 2nd Date Preference Is Influenced By DNA Compatibility

A recent study in an Asian American population has found the MHC-based attraction AKA "Romantic Chemistry" is just as important as personality in predicting second date offers (Wu et al., 2018).

Our 2nd Date Preference

4. Orgasm Strength and Frequency Is Influenced By Genetic Compatibility

Males perceived to have a pleasant scent by their partners have been shown to induced higher female orgasm intensity and frequency (Sherlock et al., 2016).

female orgasm

5. It's All About Your Children

The preference for parents with dis-similar MHC genes, increases the chances of high MHC variety and recombination in the children, leading to enhanced resilience against a variety of pathogens (Kromer et al., 2016) .

Children Have Greater Resilience To Pathogens

6. Genetic Incompatibility Could Influence Affairs

Genetic incompatibility has been observed in Lemur couple's with partners that have similar MHC genes, in these cases partners mated with extra pair males that had more different MHC genes (Schwensow et al., 2008) .

Cheating genes

7. DNA Compatibility Is An Essential Ingredient For Stable Relationships

If you consider the points mentioned above we have presented a compelling case for why DNA compatibility can assist in the stability of a relationship. An insightful study in Lemurs showed that pair bonds most often formed when the female and male had very different MHC class genes.

Stable Relationships

8. The Same Rules For Genetic Compatibility Influences Our Choice Of Friends

A study testing more than one million DNA data points in a population of 1,367 friendship pairs and 1,196,429 stranger pairs found that friendships were more likely to be between people most different at a few gene sets encoding the olfactory and immune system functions (Christakis and Fowler., 2014).

Friendship Compatibility

9. Now You Can Use DNA Matchmaking To Help Find Your Perfect Match

DNA Romance use understandings in the science of genomics and evolutionary biology we match single people with others who are most likely to jive with them.

The DNA Romance Web App?

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