DNA Romance Unveils Couples Compatibility Report


DNA Romance, the pioneer in genetics-based matchmaking, is excited to announce the launch of its revolutionary Couples Compatibility Report. This comprehensive report analyses genetic and personality types to provide couples with deep insights into their compatibility, helping them to flourish their relationships. Leveraging DNA Romance's proprietary algorithms, the Couples Compatibility Report interprets DNA data and personality types to present a holistic view of the relationship. The report caters to all couples, including both straight and LGBTQ+ relationships.

The Couples Compatibility Report divides relationship attributes into two main categories: Personality Compatibility and Sexual Compatibility. The Personality Compatibility analysis enables couples to understand the differences in their personality types, promoting empathy and understanding. Simultaneously, the Sexual Compatibility test examines the genetic components of attraction, providing couples with a Genetic Compatibility Score.

DNA Romance launches new genomics-based matchmaking service

DNA Romance's Couples Compatibility Report is now available. Rediscover your relationship through the lens of genetics and personality compatibility, and deepen your bond with your partner.



We care about your privacy and have several measures in place to keep your personal data secure. We follow HIPAA privacy guidelines when handling your data and we don't sell DNA data to 3rd parties! We encrypt all data that is stored and the names contain a unique hashed path and other obfuscating elements. Access to the data is limited to key development personnel who have 2-factor authentication restricted access. You can delete your profile including DNA data at anytime from your settings dashboard. ** Again we do not sell your personal information to 3rd parties, please see our Privacy Policy for more details. On departure please do give us feedback, especially if you found a great match :-)