What is 'chemistry' in online dating?

The gut feeling of "chemistry" is a warm and fuzzy sensation that can only be felt when we meet someone in person. However, online dating is a modern technology where people first meet online. After weeks or even months of virtual communication, when people finally meet in person, they often feel "no chemistry" immediately and realize that the time spent on online dating was wasted. This leads people to become tired and frustrated using online dating; there is still too much guesswork. DNA Romance’s unique DRom 1.0 algorithm analyzes DNA to predict "romantic chemistry" between people online, making for a more transparent and efficient matchmaking process.

How does the DRom 1.0 algorithm work?

The DRom 1.0 algorithm considers 100 Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) markers positioned in candidate genes also known as the love genes previously shown to play a crucial and influential role in human attraction, relationships, and reproduction. Multiple scientific research demonstrates that people with differing DNA markers find each other's scent to be pleasant in the first place and are more likely to have a lasting romantic relationship. The DRom 1.0 algorithm matches people who share very different DNA markers (figure 1) and effectively forecasts romantic chemistry online and before people meet in person.

DNA Romance 2.0 Predicts Chemistry and Compatibility
Figure 1. DRom 1.0 the algorithm that predicts “Romantic Chemistry” from DNA

The DNA compatibility score lays a solid foundation for a romantic relationship, allowing people to consider other factors like the person's hobbies, personality, and other elements essential for relationship success.