12 Tools To Analyze Your Raw DNA Data

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Direct-to-consumer (DTC) DNA testing has become mainstream! DNA collection kits are now stocking stuffers but, once you know your ancestry, what next? Did you know you can access and read your raw DNA data at home, and there are also a number of websites that can help analyze your DNA data? To get started you first need to download your raw autosomal DNA data.

Here are instructions to download your raw DNA file from: 23andMe, Ancestry DNA, Family Tree DNA, Dante Labs, We Gene, My Heritage, Genes For Good, Vitagene, Genera, and Living DNA. Be sure to save your DNA file to a safe location! If you want to look at the raw data it’s easiest to use a text editor or command line since each file is >700k lines long. Below are 12 websites you can use to help analyze your DNA data;

1) Genera

Genera has the largest direct-to-customer genetic laboratory in South America and offer affordable DNA testing, as well as ancestry and wellness reports based on your DNA.

2) Xcode.Life

Xcode.Life offers a range of different DNA analysis including lifestyle reports (Fitness, Diet and Nutrition Reports ), skin and allergy reports, health reports, and ancestry composition.

3) OpenSNP

OpenSNP allows customers of direct-to-customer genetic tests to publish their test results, find others with similar genetic variations, learn more about their results, find the latest primary literature on their variations and help scientists to find new associations.

4) Promethease

Promethease is a literature retrieval system that builds a personal DNA report based on connecting a file of DNA genotypes to the scientific findings cited in SNPedia. *Be aware that a Promethease reports on individual SNPs only, yet most traits and diseases are complex and not controlled by a single DNA marker. In Promethease its unknown how all these markers work together, my report contains 265 SNPs with information with breast cancer, do they have cancelling effects or magnifying effects on each other? As they say this report is for educational and research purposes only.

5) DNA Power

DNApower provides full fitness and nutrition reports, meal plans based on your genetic profile, training plans based on your genetic profile, personal coaching and ongoing support.

6) We Gene

WeGene offers ancestry and trait reports for people of Asian decent.

7) DNA Visit

DNA Visit is a tele-genomics/tele-health platform that connects people concerned about their DNA results with licensed genetic counselors.

8) DNA Phenotyping

The HIrisPlex Webtool is easy to use an interactive website to predict eye, hair and skin color from DNA using the IrisPlex, HIrisPlex and HIrisPlex-S systems .

9) GED Match

GEDmatch provides DNA and genealogical analysis tools for amateur and professional researchers and genealogists. Most tools are free, but a few premium tools are available. Several novel tools are offered including an eye color report, are your parents related?, and Archaic DNA matches. The Eye Color Prediction utility was developed using samples from the GEDmatch database which consists mostly of European descendants. Are your parents related? ‘Runs of Homozygosity’ (ROH) are large blocks of SNPs where both alleles are the same, there are an indication that your parents each inherited that block from the same ancestor. This analysis looks at ROH in your DNA file and is specifically aimed at determining how closely related your parents might be. Archaic DNA matches compares your DNA to that of people who lived thousands of years ago.

10) Impute Me

Impute Me allows customers to upload their raw genetic data and impute - or 'guess' millions of additional genetic variations that were not measured in the original data. This is done based on overall knowledge of human ethnicity and ancestry. Impute Me also contains several modules that can perform sophisticated analysis including polygenic risk scoring, a value that gives a summary of many different SNPs - each of which contribute to disease risk.

11) DNA Romance

DNA Romance is a genetic matchmaking site that takes an opposites-attract approach to online dating. DNA Romance forecast "Romantic Chemistry" between single people online by evaluating genes in the Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC). DNA Romances matches people who are more dissimilar at ~400 alleles positioned across the MHC complex, and high compatibility ratings are expected to correlate with the feeling of "Romantic Chemistry" in-person. DNA Romance now offers a couples compatibility report which uses DNA data and personality types from you and your partner.

12) Gene Pool

Gene Pool is an innovative online matchmaking platform for Sperm Donors, Recipients, and potential Co-parents. Developed by DNA Romance, it uses advanced algorithms that utilize DNA markers known to influence human attraction, fertility, and successful reproduction. The Gene Pool Match App, available on Apple and Google Play Stores, leverages the trusted DRom 1.0 algorithm from DNA Romance to deliver remarkably precise matches centered on DNA compatibility. This app not only streamlines the matchmaking process for its intended audience but also integrates the analysis of DNA markers with the assessment of personality compatibility, offering a comprehensive approach to forming connections.

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